Brief in English
Pirita Paddling Club as a non-profit company registered in Estonia already on 1988 and arranges paddling trainings and contests on competition kayaks and canoes on the Pirita river in
Tallinn, Estonia.

Since January 2015 we started to arrange training activities additionally on the Harku lake under the Pirita Paddling Club.  
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 Setting up of new training groups of youngers starting from the age of 10 years.

         Mr.Kristo Sepp, tel: (+372) 50 31 728, e-mail:
Entry level course "The Paddling ABC"
If You like to have entry level course or develop your skills for paddling, please contact our trainers. We rent equipment and arrange different paddling courses for Your choice.

                 Registration and requests:
Pirita Paddling Cup 2014 
The final competition of 2014 season - 10th Estonian Paddling Cup of competition kayaks and canoes (classes K-1 and C-1 / 1000-9000m) held on 27.09.2014 on the Pirita river.

                                                Additional information: 

                                            Contest guide (in Estonian) 

                         Competition results (top three):  Võistlustulemused